Rules and Regulation

Those who want to participate and act as a pilot or an ATC under Iran Airtour Virtual Airline supervision must have an active IVAO account.

The newbie pilots must know that after being registered, they must fly 1 hours with Cessna 172 under the supervision of the Training department and provided that they have succeeded in the exam, they would get their rank.

IVAO Virtual Airlines would set different events for flying, so the Iran Airtour Virtual pilots must attend at least one in every two events.

In the event of the occurrence of any problem, question or criticism, contact us by iran Airtour Virtual Airline Staff or by whatsapp account +98 915 004 3991 .

You must observe the mutual relationship with respect in every space (Discord, IM Groups, IVAO, etc.). and if any report given to the Chief, he would deal with the person severely.

Every single announcement, event and program will be informed in discord channels. So you have to check it periodically.

It worths mentioning that Iran Airtour VA pilots must fly at least twice a week, having been informed 3 times, his name will be omitted from the site and group.